Additional tax on cheap CD-R's in Europe

I just posted the article Additional tax on cheap CD-R’s in Europe.

Cheap Taiwanese CD-R’s will be more expensive in Europe these days. The European Union has orderded several CD-R makers to pay an extra additional fee to prevent dumping and to be sure there will…

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I think Europe has other things to worry about. Like the Euro coming in a week. I noticed that the prices of everything sold in the store with the DM and Eruo conversion don’t match up like there supposed too. I believe the cost of living will go up at least 10% in Germany. Glad I get paid in U.S. dollars. Poor bastards. :4

If the cost of living goes up, wages must also go up. I don’t believe that that’s the case anyhow. Why would anyone want to dump CDRs?

Stupid Europeans.

fb- Stupid Europeans?? Is that a joke? Stupid compared to what? Americans. LOL. Ur joking right. I did like the previous article, that’s what the oh so smart americans are all about, not: Love thy neighbour but Sue thy neighbour.

haven’t seen those cd-r discs here in the northern Europe and we sure do have Euro coming in a week and that is a bigger problem. Pay in marks and u get Euros back.

I agree with Juice: our biggest problem here in Europe is the local money-to-Euro conversion that, in spite of the official change-rate is rising up prices of many goods, especially for the cheap ones. We in Italy, too, are going to experience the same lifecost growing as in Germany.After all, CDR’s have never been so cheap in their lifetime, less than 0.5 Euro each, so I think it wouldn’t be a great problem paying them some more cents each…

bleh … like the singer of mudvayne said on the rock am ring festival … americans can only thnink about bombs :wink: but thats not the topic here … i dont think the prices will rise 10 % more like 1-2% … well

We had the same type of problem in Australia, when the GST was being introduced, shops were raising prices by the full 10% (and sometimes more) rather than taking into account that the old taxes were being removed, and thus prices were going up a lot. 2 days later the federal government announced that anyone doing this would face huge fines (200,000 for small business, 1billion for nationwide chains). Then all the stores shit themselves and all prices returned to normal. Something similar will probably happen in Europe.

Hey FB- does’nt speak for the rest of us, I think there is so much doing down on both sides of the atlantic, that in due time this one world market will eventually screw us all no matter were you live.

Madness, I don’t think that will happen here. Too many profit for the government, higher prices means more tax income so that really socks. I think I’ll migrate to australia :4