Additional infos about SD2



I finally succeeded in making a working copy of delta force 3 land warior.I used a ricoh 7040A upgaded in 7060A for reading and a sony CRX 185 E3 [EMF encoding capable] for writing.I made 2 copys.They work only with one condition.They only play [both of them] at the device that I use to install the game, regardless if hide cdr media is enabled or not.For installing and playing I used the ricoh, a Btc DVD and a Hitachi cd rom.If I use them from a different devise the game will refuse to play at single player mode, with only multiplayer at internet awayable.SD2 analyser says it is a SD 2.05.03 version.Also the image wasn't patched and AWS was used.I hope that this will help a few of you to continue somewhere else.:Z


Well seems to me this is not a CloneCD problem but a bug in the game itself. Perhaps it’s also related to the SafeDisc 2 version but I doubt that. Thanks for the info anyway…