Additional HD

If I purchase a new internal HD to use as secondary (40gig orig. getting full) will i need to do anything other than plug power and sata wires in? :confused:

Once you have it plugged in, start up the computer and right click on My Computer (in Windows XP). Click on Manage. This will take you to the Computer Management section, where you can now select Disk Management. You should be able to see the new drive there, and format it.

Once in the management console -> Double-Left Click on Storage, click “Disk Management”.

Right click on the new one (the one with the big black bar) & select initialize.

Then right click on the big black bar & select new partition.
Format the entire drive as NTFS, & click the tickbox to Enable Compression.

On a totally voluntary (and possibly unnecessary) note, it would be recommended to also move your Paging File to the new quicker drive.

To do this (after you’ve formatted the new drive & assigned a drive letter) reboot your PC - this will ensure that windows is assigning the selected drive letter properly.

Right Click on “My Computer”->Properties.
->Advanced-> (Performance) Settings.

ADVANCED->“Virtual Memory” Change

Click on your new drive letter, and select "CUSTOM SIZE"
Generally Virtual Memory should be 1.5x your RAM, but for WinXP & Vista32bit, I recommend the difference between 4GB’s & your RAM (aka for 1GB ram, make the pagefile 3GB).
1GB = 1024MB, so it’ll be 2048 (2GB), 3072 (3GB), 1536 (1.5GB), 2560 (2.5GB), 3584 (3.5GB).
For Windows Vista x64 or Windows7 x64, I recommend the difference between 12GB and your ram.

Whatever it is, set the initial & Maximum sizes to the same value (aka 3GB->3072)
Hit Set.

On the C drive … select “No Paging File” & click set.

Hit Ok, Ok, Ok… and on next reboot, it’ll move the pagefile to the faster drive, and you might notice a little speedup. :iagree: