Additional features on the 5005

Additional features on the 5005

The following features can be used on most 5005s with
newer firmware updates (not in the 5005 user’s manual)

One-touch recording

Use “One-touch recording” to start recording immediately in 30-
minute blocks. Press [RECORD] twice to start a 30-minute
recording session. Press [RECORD] repeatedly to record longer
timed recordings, up to 6 hours in thirty-minute increments.
Pressing [RECORD] when the timed recording exceeds the 6-
hour constraint automatically sets “one-touch recording” off. For
recording on DVD discs, the length of recording depends on the
current recording mode/speed and amount of time available
on the disc. For recording on the built-in HDD, the length of
recording is 6 hours maximum.

(page 24 of the 5045 manual) :bow:

1.You can NOT insert chapter marks to recorded title(s) on a
DVD+R, DVD-R or DVD_RW if the disc is finalized.
2. When not in the EDIT menu, press [EDIT} during normsl
recording can add chapter marks in the recording session(s)

(page 39 of the 5045 manual) :bow:

These feature are listed in the 5005 user manul links that CCRomeo and I posted in the other posts.