Additional burning 2 writeprotected CD-Rs with Trumans Tool!

The very first time everyone now is able to write additional data to already writeprotected CD-Rs! Thats a big advance.


CD has 1 session which is 300 sectors in size, closed and writeprotected!

(ISObuster shows LBA 300, cdrecord will show the msinfo: 0,11700)

LBA for first data sector in the following session “would be”:
11700 (= 300, size of burned track + 11400)

Structure of CD tracks (multisession):

00000 - 00299 data track - 0300 sectors
00300 - 07049 lead - out - 6750 sectors

07050 - 11549 lead-in s2 - 4500 sectors
11550 - 11699 pre-gap s2 - 0150 sectors
11700 - 11999 data tr s2 - 0300 sectors or whatever size

The important values we need just is the LBA of the first session and the size of the multisession leadin, which we have now, its exactly 4500 sectors.

Now we can burn it with Trumans Tool:

  1. Read CD to image file

First burn the data U want to have as 2nd (also 3rd etc.) session for your writeprotected onto a CD-RW or create an ISO and mount it (both simple as session 1).

Now we have to create a Trumans Tool v1.2 beta5 Image with following values:

  • select drive with the wanted data

  • YES - Generate full lead-in & lead-out files

  • Use track 1 entry in TOC (auto) [= default]

  • ! Lead-In size: input 4500 ! sectors
    (perhaps Truman could add that value into the dropdown menue)

  • First Sector: 0, Last Sector: From TOC (use button)

  • leave everything else default

  • click [Browse] button and insert name for file without extensions

  1. Write image to -=writeprotected!=- CDR/W

Here now the values for that new fantastic & unique option of Trumans Tool:

  • select CDwriter and insert writeprotected CD-R

  • Use track 1 entry in TOC (auto) [= default]

  • ! Position to start writing (LBA):

Thats the LBA position from where Trumans Tool will write the Lead-In. As we can see in the above example, the position - correct value would be: 7050
But because we dont have all the time such 300 sector sized tracks, we need the mathematic equation:

Its very simple:
Add to the ISObuster shown value 6750 ! and
use the result as start position, thats all.
(in our ex. 300 plus 6750 = 7050!)

[Or if you prefer to use cdrecord and the msinfo:
Use the shown value and subtract 4650.
(11700 minus 4650 = 7050!)]

Now just insert that calculated value into
the [Position to start writing (LBA)] field.
(above it was 7050)

Thats all, the rest of the burning adjustments are selfexplaining, do as you please. By the way: my tests had shown Trumans Tool works best at 4x or 8x speed!

CU, Sam


If the reader should be able to read the second session, always its very important that there never is any empty, unwritten space between the sessions. Otherwise you still can create “laser-invisible” ring grafix with the -Position to start writing (LBA)- feature.

PS: I tested the method but I got an unwritten space between of the 2 session of ca. 0,25mm. Does anybody has a clue wheres hidden the mistake or whats the reason why? Perhaps its because Trumans Tool already starts to count the written sectors but the writer starts to burn (the light signals that) first after 1-2 seconds? But I guess its something else.

btw. I could do already burn to writeprotected disx by hardwareswapping, and so its proofen it really works, as example with selfbootable DC stuff.

I read your post and tested your method but with a poor result :

  • The second session (rewrote) was not present .

Here are some questions to help :

  • You suggest to start from a cd already burn with 1 session (for example) only :
    –> do you have to create a multissession disk with one session and leave the cd open ?

  • You suggest to create an image of the new session (the second one in this example)
    –> Shall this image be created from a 1 session disc or does it need 2 already sessions (as the modified cd will gather finaly 2 sessions)

  • You suggest to define “Position to start writing (LBA):” with the help of isobuster but cdreader (I did that), you can also notice that the last readable sector (by cdreader) is just one less than the position to start writing LBA

–> finally I burn the cd (cdrw fortunetelly !) with the settings you suggested.
There was no error message (except that the lba was not the correct one), the burner seemed to work but the result was, as noting was done (no update of the cd) .
–> Any Idea .



Hi Olivier

thx for your test but it seems you got the same problems as me. Perhaps your writer isnt supported by Trumans Tool, but if you could write the first session normally it must.

I just can imagine that “inaccuracy” of next session leadin writing depends on the ATIP read method or something, because usual it is possible to “read in” the lenght of the already written space correctly into the CD-writer and then the 2nd session is burned directly following after the 1st leadout.

Did you looked at the CD-R and have you seen some visible small space inbetween the both sessions?

I hope someone else can help us.

CU, Sam

Heh heh heh Truman’s Tool heh heh heh.


HEY! - how do i get this tool?