Adding WAV files to cue/bin as a data track

A friend asked me this, can anyone answer? My friend assures me that the game is freeware/legal abandonware.

hello. I have game I downloaded, is in cue/bin format, FINE, but its audio tracks I downloaded seperately as MP3s, then converted into WAVs. It is intended that the CD-ROM has the cue/bin as the Data Track (track 1), and that the WAVs follow on sequentially after that as audio tracks. But it appears to be impossible to do.

  1. Nero, of course, follows the instructions in the cue, and will only burn it as one thing on the CD. I had a go at editing the cue myself, to tell it to burn the WAVs, but I was guessing, and it didn’t work. So any help with the cue would be answer (1)

  2. Should I convert the bin to an ISO? I see stuff about ISO/WAV format on the net, but itisn’t very concise, and doesn’t help me. If I convert it to an ISO, then in Nero make a new ‘Mixed Mode’ CD, and insert the ISO as the data track, will that work?

  3. Or, can I do exactly the same as (2), but just shove the .bin in as the data track?

the fact that the game is in bin/cue and the audio tracks were downloaded separately in mp3 format assures me that this game is NOT freeware and abandonware is not legal either :cop:

Oh shut up. As if that’s enough for you to be certain that the game is not legal. Abandonware is 100% legal where the copyright holder has relinquished rights to the title, check for a list, and it’s often the case that the previous copyright owner doesn’t offer a download themselves (some have even gone out of business or otherwise become nonexistent) and thus would necessitate the requirement for some other means of distribution - for example a cue/bin file. Please try to have some idea of what you’re talking about before you start behaving like an arrogant backseat moderator.

yor’re a bit misinformed

Abandonware has a curious legal position and whether or not it’s legal to download/distribute any particular game/app considered to be “abandoned” depends upon a variety of circumstances.

What specific title are we talking about here?

Quite the opposite, that page you link to just reinforces my argument and helps defeat your own. Didn’t you read the section entitled “Major software made available” or look at any of the links from the “Legal “abandonware” titles for download”?

I don’t know but I’ll ask, despite the fact that he actually got it to work anyway. This thread has made me pretty furious, there’s way too much backseat moderating from would-be know-it-alls (which wouldn’t be so bad if they had the first clue what they were talking about rather than being grossly ignorant) on here from time to time. Overall the place is great but moderating should be left to the moderators and admins, not users that think they know better while at the same time breaching the forum rules themselves:

If you notice a user breaking the rules, please do not bash the user. Please contact the responsible moderator(s) of that forum or an online administrator through Private Messaging or use the ‘Report Bad Post’ function (click the orange exclamation mark in the bottom left corner of the particular post, just below the user’s details) and have him close or delete the thread, this will prevent an unnecessarily negative atmosphere (and the mods won’t get the feeling that someone else is doing their job ).

EDIT: The game is something called “LbaX”.