Adding verbatim DVD+r9s to compatibility list?

i was trying to read and figure out how to do this but i was just getting confused so i figured before i break my dvd drive i would ask here…

i’ve got a sony dw-d56a drive in my dell inspiron 9300…i flashed it to sonys psd7 trying to add compatibility for my Verbatim 2.4x DVD+r9 dvds…still had no luck…so i was reading about the omni flasher and how its posisble to use writing strategies for other media to add compatibilty…would it be possible for me to mess around with the firmware and add the media code found here overwriting one of the other +r9s that i see when i load my firmware in omnipatcher? or should i just buy a new dvd drive and/or media?


I think the OldiePatcher will do more harm than good :frowning:
But I can’t help you with that drive. Maybe somebody could move this into the drives forums? :cop:

Thread moved to the LiteOn/Sony burner forum :slight_smile:

I realize this comment does not help with the question asked, but i have the same drive in my laptop and it burns TG02 and MCC004 HORRIBLY(ungodly high PIFs when scanned on a litey 165h6s. Granted, I haven’t tried burning at 2.4x, but 4x and above is not worth using. Personally, I would never even try burning a dual layer disc with it. Get a reliable full size burner and use an external enclosure.

And for a constructive comment, both PDS7 and PFS3 support MKM001 which is the Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R9 media code. the drive just doesn’t report the disc info correctly in cd-dvd speed for the disc, or any disc for that matter.

The compatibility list for the firmware is included in the rar files at C0dekings website.

thanks for all the info…ye i was mad suprise because i thought that it should be supported but whenever i tried to put the disk in the drive it also said there was no media in the drive…but then i used the Ltpnc to disable the region counter…and forsome reason it recognized the media and is burning correctly rite now…idk why…its 34% rite now so it could still fail but i’m amazed that actually burning

well now after 2 very expensive coasters i’ve decided the drive could still be broken…it does burn the cd “successfully” but when i throw it in my 360 it said it cant be read…so i might want to try a movie and see if my 360 just doesnt like my burner…but when i look on the bottom the burn circle is barely half of the cd…