Adding track numbers to a lengthy CD recording



My church records its services direct to CD, but the recording comes out as a single track of 60-70 minutes. I would like an easy way to add track numbers to this recording -each track having about a 5 minute duration–for easy reference and access to various parts of the service. However, i would also like the transition points from any given track to the following tack to be inaudible, so that if someone is speaking or music is playing, there is no audio artifact or interruption present at the transition point. I know one can do this by looking for silent (zero crossing) spots in an audio editing program, but is there a simpler way to ensure noise-free track transitions? Is it possible to create the track numbers without saving separate files and then burning them with a program such as Nero or Toast? (I own a Mac).
Steve Rosenberg


Check out - find a useful audiotool, edit the audio and burn it to CD in DAO mode.