Adding text to jewel case spine in cover design



i have been trying to type text into the spine of an cd jewel case insert using nero cover design but can`t get it to type vertically only horizontal :confused:

i have tried the text box tool & the rectangle tool but cant figuer out how to get my text vertically. if this cant be done in cover design is there another program that can do this.

thanks ako


Use the “Artistic Text” tool.

To center the Artistic text box vertically, you must also specify its horizontal alignment (due to moronic interface design). Specify left or right alignment and you’ll get pretty close. Use the left and right arrows to finish the job.

But don’t do any alignment until you’re sure you won’t be changing the text, or its properties, because any such change will screw up the vertical centering. (Another moronic “feature.”)


thanks Syzygy, i`ll give it a go.