Adding text to data side of disc

A quick question. How do you add text to the data side of a cd or dvd? I’ve seen it before and i was wondering if it was some professional thing or if it was something that can be done at home.


Hi [B]CaveBob[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The technology you ask for is known as DiscT@2 and it was introduced by Yamaha for inscribing labels on the data side of CD-R media.

There are no current drives that will do this on CD-R media (only drives that are no longer in production).

The Labelflash technology present in some drives e.g. some models of Optiarc and Pioneer drives includes DiscT@2 for DVD±R media but not for CD-R media.

Oh ok. =(

Well thanks for the speedy reply and thank you for the welcome!