Adding subtitles

Hello to everyone. I have a very simple question. I’m using subtitle workshop and autoGK to integrate some greek subtitles to an .avi video and then recode it in mpeg2 for a standalone dvd player… The question is what is the supported subtitle format for a standalone dvd player so the subtitles appear?
Thank you in advance

None, they are included in the VOB files then.

So you tell me that no matter what i do i cannot integrate subtitles in my video?

Wrong, I just told you that they are included in the VOB files if you want to have a valid DVD structure.

You dont need to incorporate the subs into the avi, so they appear when you convert that to DVD. A program like The FilmMachine can convert your avi to dvd and incorporate the separate subtiles file while converting to DVD format. You may have to press the Substitle button on your remote to see the subs.

DVDLab allows authoring of the encoded files and loading in a subs file and turning them ON automatically during playback.