Adding subtitles



hi good day to everyone
i downloaded a video and subtitle (.avi and .srt) i want it to convert to mpeg with subtitle then author it to make a dvd can anyone help me with i just taken up this hobby i’m new with all this stuff so please help.
thanks in advance


not an easy task. you will need to convert the avi to mpeg2 dvd compliant video file/s.
then find a dvd authoring program that accepts srt format, or convert the srt to acceptable format.

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but which dvd authoring program you prefer :slight_smile:




thanks again
one more thing can you tell me which program i can use to join video files (.avi , .mpg) and subtitles thanks again i appreciate the help :slight_smile:


don’t know about subtitles. but joining avi try


:slight_smile: thanks for the tip dvdlabpro is a great tool already made my 1st dvd with subtitles theres one more hope you can help me… how can get rid of the black bars on my video since i dont have any wiidescreen tv i want to watch it in full screen. i put the aspect ratio to 4:3 but there is still black bars thanks again :slight_smile:


Try DVDSanta, it can handle subtitles.