Adding subtitles to .vob




I have a dvd in my hardrive and I used DVD Shrink to get it there. I have the subtitles in a .srt and/or .sub file. Is there ANY way whatsoever I can get the DVD to have subtitles, And then burn it with Nero. Thanks.


Didn’t Shrink take the subtitles off the orignal disc? It usually does unless you turn it off.


No, the dvd didn’t have subtitles to start of with. I want to add them.




Seriously does nobody know?


You need to demux the main movie (with VobEdit) , and then convert the .srt to a .sup suing Srt2Sup, then use IFOEdit to re-author the DVD, adding the new .sup file also.

Ben :slight_smile:


THANK YOU! I will try all that now! Thank you!