Adding sub's to original .ifo file




I downloaded a movie of which the subtitles suddenly are delayed for 4 min and then keep doing so for the remaining time.
It consists of ifo’s, vob’s and bup’s and i tried to modify the timegap with dvdsubedit. problem: max time changes to be made: 10 sec, that’s not even near 4 minutes.

With vobsub I have more succes but after demuxing the sub’s into .sub files I have to add them again to the .ifo file they originaly came from.
I couldn’t find any possibility within vobsub to do so.

Is there a solution for this?


Download? Legal or Illegal! If it is illegal, we are done here. If legal, try the download again, or try another download from the same source, and see if it has the same problem.