Adding subs to AVI and burning it as a SVCD

I have a divX AVI file and corresponding idx/.sub files. Playing the move, vobsub shows the subtitles like it should. Now, if I want to burn my avi as a svcd, how do I get the subs on the movie as well?


Check out it should help you out.

It helps if you’re only trying to burn a divx onto a dvd. But It doesn’t mention anything about adding subtitles.

I saw a tuturial somewhere where it was said that TMPGenc could do it, but I’ve no luck whatsoever with it, in that aspect.

So, can anyone tell me how to add subtitles in a middle of a divx-to-dvd conversion?

Never mind my last reply :o . I’ve checked these posts, and I’ll check out the advices on it:

From what I read, for TMPGenc to recognize subs, they must be in the .sub format, right?

I saw several posts speaking about DVDmaestro. Is this the best bet to burn a dvd from a divx?

i found a way to permanently add the subs I have to the avi, bu running it through VirtualDUB. You just have to make sure, you select th eVobsub filters.
To do so, clcik video->filters and push the Add buttin. In the popup select the filters you want VirtualDub to use. I want subs added, so i select the VobSub filter near the bottom of the list.

Now run the avi through Virutaldub and let it make a new avi. This will have the subs hardburned.

Needless to say, that it is out of bounds for this thread to cover all the other preferences in VirtualDUb you have to set, in order to not screw up an already perfectly riped avi .-)

I found another way to convert my subs, which are from a chinese sub-program into another format, by using a combination of submax and vobsub and then import the subtitles into DVDmaestro. I tried this method and it worked flawleesly too.

Hopes this helps somebody