Adding Strats to Auto Strat?



Is there any way to add a new strat even if there is a default buring strat in the f/w?
I have quit a few TY 02 (8x Fugi) that I am getting poor TA test reports on and would like the px16 learn to write them to get better burns.







disregard the TA tests and focus on sum8 and sum1 scans, the Read Transfer Rate Test and the CD/DVD test instead.


Come on drpino! How is that? You recommend disregarding the test results? It may be self-mental-health wise but this is not the way to do… too many discs that were full of PI errors (over 500) were readable on some units but became too soon unreadable in few months. So I believe the Pi/Po scans suggests the longevity of the data on that disc. So if the data is for short-term storage of course, disregard the results but for the longer term you should be warned. If I had such a error-detector earlier I would have been exempt of losing data and wasting money on bad media. Now I learned my lesson and keep an eye on this.


please re-read my post and rethink your response. i said disregard the TA Tests and focus on the other tests i listed instead.