Adding sound/music to photo/picture disc

Hi to all.
I am new to this forum and this is my first post, hope its in the correct place.

I am using Nero 6 version, is it possible to add sound, music to a CD when buring a photo disc. I have sucessfully burnt a pic only disc, but would like to had some music.


I just read this post but I too would like to know how one goes about adding music to a CD/DVD.

I’ve taped many 8mm VHS tapes and want to transfer them to DVD…and I want to add my own music. How can I add the music?

I have used Roxio and also Unlead DVD Movie Factory

How to add a song to a picture?

[QUOTE=gokarnabhat;2465162]How to add a song to a picture?[/QUOTE]

Do you want to create a slideshow? If so, what software have your tried?

Here are a few freeware programs that you can try:

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Windows Movie Maker has a DVDMaker.exe that can add music to photos on a DVD .
Use the slideshow option & add music. Burn the DVD.
You won’t be able to add music to an already burned disc if that is what you want to do. Even if it is an RW it won’t work correctly.