Adding Songs To DVD

Adding Songs To DVD

Hello there! Can anyone help me with a particular problem?

The problem is I backed up 1GB of itunes songs onto a 4.7GB dvd disc with no problem, but a few days later, I tried adding on 500mb of other songs onto the same dvd disc but I am told that it is already apparently full. I know that 500mb added onto 1GB does not add up to 4.7GB. I have tried to contact itunes about this problem but knowing them they do not personally reply.

So does anyone have a solution to this problem.


Your problem doesn’t have anything to do with itunes, it is related to the media you used.

Did you use a DVD+RW? If so, you still can add more data to the disc.
If you used a DVD+R or DVD-R, you CANNOT add any more files to the disc.

Yes, I should have mentioned this in the first place that I have used DVD+RW to try to add my songs to it. When I checked on the disc properties it told me that the disc is full which is in blue(pink if disc in not full). This should not be the case. This is why I could not understand this.

Mac or PC?
Program used?
Depending on the settings, the burning program might have closed the disc. That happened to me: I used a DVD+RW to back up several show episodes in .AVI, and when I tried to add more, I couldn’t. The program saw the disc as non-recordable and I had to reformat it in order to use it again.
That might be happening to you too. If you used iTunes to burn a data disc, the disc is closed.