Adding seperate projects to a DVD

I asked the following question a week ago on this forum and it received no response so I have asked it in a different format.

When I place a comercially created CD or DVD on my television I can see that it is divided into a number of different chapters titles or just chapter numbers and I can either just press play and see all the titles or numbers one after another or select what ever chapter title or number that I wish to see.

Using Pinnacle Studio 10 I want to build a series of individual slide shows or projects, name, them, save them seperately and burn them to a DVD.

Can this be done and if so will the DVD show the slide shows by name when I place it in my DVD player connected to the television and open it or will it just show one title?

This forum is for Nero SDK questions only

That is probably the reason you have not received any answer

My apologies.
Any idea if there is a forum nero or otherwise that I should use to ask for advice on such a question?

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