Adding remuxed dvd files to orig dvd to allow menus

Hi all

DVD BACKUP: ghost in the shell: Solid State Society
Language: japanese
subtitles: Non
Aim: To add eng subs n have it workin with the main menu

used dvd decrypt to rip dvd then dvdshrink to shrink it.

Ok so I have a problem…so far this is what ive done

After shrinking the whole dvd onto my hardrive I used Excalibur! steps to convert the srt sub but this did not work for me as it kept on sayin the sentence was to long so after abit of googling i found a nice app called SubtitleCreator which allowed me to convert my srt to a sup file. after which it has a wizard to author you dvd within SubtitleCreator it makes you download…

PgcDemux - demuxed my movie
MuxMan - recreates the dvd and adds the sup file to the dvd
VobBlanker - allows you to change menu n chains…I THINK…

so SubtitleCreators only problem was it stopped processing when it came to using vobBlanker…with a message saying…

[error: ifo has more than one PGC: unsupport c:\vid\VIDEO_TS\Remuxed\VTS_01_1.IFO]

So after lookin in my demux folder i used MuxMan by its self to recompile the dvd with eng sub…so i have the move with eng subs working fine but no menu.

All i really want now is to make it run how the orig dvd was with its menus…but i dont know how to…pics of the orig files…

and muxman made files

Any ideas how I can place the muxman files into the orig files an get all of the menus working?

Any help is very much appreciated