Adding pics to end of a home-made DVD

I’ve captured a “family-picnic” from VHS and now have it saved as a 2Gb MPEG file. I can easily dump that MPEG into Nerovision Express 3 and make a DVD out of it, but now I’m being asked to “add some pictures” to the end of the DVD, so after the dvd is done playing, it will continue on and show about 40 Jpeg pics before the DVD is over…
Can anyone suggest a way to do this, as I have never come up against this before and have no idea what to do!?

What hardware/software did you use for the capture? What video editing software (if any), do you have?
It is possible and quite easy to make a dvd with a photo slide show, as long as you have the proper software.

“Pro-Show Gold” is a wonderful slide-show application that can use both video and still images and creates high-quality videos in MPEG-2. Also allows you to add layers of sound. Just a thought.


I captured the VHS though my ATI tv wonder card using ATI’s S/W …i captured it all in Mpeg-2 format. I’m using nerovision express 3 to author the DVD. I think there is a way to do it, but i cant figure out how!


Yes, if possible i would like to add a little music to the “pic-slide show” end of the dvd as well, but dont know how easy it will be to “aquire” the pro-show gold software… but im looking now as we speak…on a perfectly legitimate site, of course! :cop:

I’d use a slide-show program to make a MPEG-2, then author a new DVD using the 2 MPEG sources. You can set them up as separate titles that play one after the other, or as separate chapters of the same title. I’m sure there’s freeware slide-show proggies that’ll work out fine if you don’t want to buy one. But if you want to get into slide shows, ProshowGold is top-drawer.

I offer the following suggestion because you said you have Nero and I know it works.

I’m uisng NeroVision 4 and I select Make DVD-Video. I add video files as well as pictures. At the end of the project, there is an advanced option to have the player jump to the next menu item after the last one is done playing.

I have Nero as well. Window XP with My Picture files. How do I "choose all’ photo’s to insert into the DVD-video slide show without having to insert each one indivdually? Where is this option on the menu? Help.

Highlight one item and hit control/alt while hitting the A key on the keyboard. That usually will automatically highlight all of the items.