Adding or Removing Sound on Clone?

I notice that adding any extra tracks of sound on Clone DVD doesnt change any of the compression on the video side of things, only changes the sound compression.
If the movie is sitting in the yellow area, Ive wanted to reduce the number of sound channels to improve the compression rate on the video,:confused: but it just doent change like Shrink. Is this correct when using Clone?

What is the size of the audio tracks? Generally they are very small compared to the size of the disc, so at best will only give you a couple of % difference. Unless of course you are talking about a whole DTS audio stream or something.

It does. The bar at the bottom is the video compression. Have a look in the CloneDVD manual.

Is there anyway to improve the sound in clonedvd2? Sometimes the sound is lower in the backup than the original.

I doubt that, because CloneDVD does not touch the sound at all. Maybe you have to switch the sound track on your remote / in your player software.