Adding Non DualChannel Ram to a machine running in Dual Channel Mode

Is this a VERY bad idea? what would happen? I have some ram laying around that (speedwise) work in my computer at work. I want to up the ram on the machine, but currently its using dual channel ram… the memory i would be adding is not dual channel. Thanks for the help.

what the hell do you want to do with more than 2 gig of ram?

Just Curious??? :slight_smile:

All dual channel means is 2 sticks that are the same type, memory access is interleaved between them to double the performance. They now box some memory in pairs so that you dont get different batches when you buy them but this is not really needed as long as you order 2 moduals that are the same.

If you add one other stick of ram to a system running dual channel you will generally either get a) have memory problems b) not be able to boot c) not run in dual channel anymore.

Could be any one of those 3, best to check with the motherboard makers website.

i wouldnt be running MORE than 2 GB… right now, im only at 1GB (my sig is from my home pc), so im adding another 1 GB at work… and I havent actually added it YET, i just wanted to know the consequences if i did…

so you’re saying as long as i add another 2 sticks to my current 2 sticks i should be fine?! the new 2 sticks are the same brand of each other, but they didnt come together (cheap kingstons bought from CC w/ rebates)… so would this work?

well the best case as stated above, is you’ll have a machine that will boot, with 2 gig of ram, as slow as the slowest ram you have in the machine…:slight_smile:

ok, thanks…

That’s right - there is no such thing as DUAL CHANNEL RAM. You might find RAM sold in special dual “KITS” those have been TESTED and are identical brands / timings.

YOU CAN use your regular RAM sticks in your dual ram system, PROVIDING your motherboard supports the RAM type - Make sure both RAM sticks have identical timings - and consult your motherboard for proper RAM placements. Tu run in dual channel mode you will have to have 1 stick on channel 1 and one on channel 2 or 2 in channel 1, 2 in channel 2 otherwise it will revert to single channel mode.
Consult the manual for details) and to be safe I would use the recommended/tested modules.

Check your sticks real close! Some are the same length and may look the same but have a different pin count! Be careful man!