Adding New HD - Quick Q's

I finally bought myself another HD tonight, as the 80gig one I have not is not nearly enough. I was just wondering if I should transfer Windows over to my newer, faster, and much bigger hard drive, or leave it isolated on my old one? My new hard drive is definately superior, as it has 16mb cache as opposed to 8mb, is 250gb vs. 80gb, and will be on SATA connection rather than IDE. If I were to transfer Windows over to my new one, will I be forced to delete everything I have on my old HD, or can is there an easy way to do it? Thanks for any and all help.

Personally I would leave Windows on the smaller drive and use the larger drive for everything else.

I agree, particularly if you’re going to play with media files.

If a system disk crashes would you rather restore 80 gigs or 250 gigs??

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