Adding new hard drive?



hay guys … i want to instal an additional hard drive … but i want to do one thing … i have 3 logical drives of disk1 …c d e …ok but i want to add new disk say "disk2 " in a way that it should combine with “e” drive of disk1 …eg
i like to have 4 logical partitons … c d e and f “e” should have few gbs of disk1 and few gbs of disk2 … so tell me how can do that using xp sp2 or any third party tool …

and i aslo wana ask is it possible to attach (as a secondary) a sata or scci disk with standard ide hard drive ??? will it work fine or it will stuck every time ?/?
plz tell me know if u know any of my ans
thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Here are the facts. If you add a second physical hard drive, windows will, in all cases, label it as D: drive. You don’t get a choice in the matter.

If you for instance have a main drive split into more than one drive such as; C: D: E: F: & G:. When you add that new second drive, your old drive will have partitions labled C: E: F: G: & H: and that new drive will automatically be labled by windows as drive D: Not sure why that is true, but it seems to be.



sounds like you’ll need to utilize WinXP’s dynamic disks functionality…but i wouldn’t recommend this…

…but if you still want to fool around with dynamic disks, here are a few links explaining the whats, hows, whys and whatever else:

yes, you can run IDE/PATA, SATA and SCSI drives all together in one system…

lastly, drive letters can be designated however you want…they’re not “fixed” per se…