Adding more text to CD printing? over and over again!

Hi, I use CD Label print for printing my CD and DVD covers, and it works a treat but when i am burning softare or files to CD, i want to be able to print the file names on the disc. this is easy to do with this software but not if you are continually adding software each fortnight.

ie. Add a couple of files (saved from PC magazines) to compile a list of favourites!

A disc may take me upto 2 months to fill and i would have 20-30 programs on each disc. The problem is that i would like to add each file name to the Disc label (printable disc) each time i add a new file to the disc.

But that means that i would have to print on the disc multiple times and getting the alignment straight is next to impossible.

Do you have any suggestions? Ideally some sort of template would help, but even CD-Label print does not automatically shaped the text to fit into the CD/DVD print area outline.

another example is when you keep adding more Mp3s to the Disc and you want to print each somg title on the face of the disc. What is the best way to accomplish this.


What I do is create a text file, and update it with the names of added files. This is saved to the computer. I have the initial files printed out on a sheet of paper, and update that as required. Adding filenames to a piece of paper is easy as alignment isn’t a problem.The paper is kept with the disk. When the disk is full, I print the list of filenames on the disk :smiley: