Adding more RAM to my system

Ok, so this is my mobo:
this is the RAM i have now: (2 sticks)

my system is running in Dual Channel mode, but these arent dual channel memory sticks… my question is, would i be better off sticking with getting 2 more of these sticks i already have in my system since they seem to run ok in DUAL, or should i add another type of actual DUAL CHANNEL memory sticks… or would that funk up the systems ability to use all 2 gb in dual mode… my plan is to up it to 2 GB Total. thanks for the help in advance!

Does it support and use all RAM sticks if you plug 4RAM modules into it?
I ask because of: Some mobos can be stuffed with 4 RAM modules, but are unable to make use of all 4.

IIRC, the 2 blue ones will hold the DUAL channel capable modules.

edit Clear now.

Memory - DIMM slots: 4 supported
- Max. capacity: 4GB

Your mobos manufacturer has all information needed… Download and read manual.

If you need additional support use this link and google. :slight_smile:

Edit. chef, collor doesn’t matter as long both sticks are in the same “color”. Upto 4GB can be stuffed on this mobo. :wink:
(BTW, beaten by you with a second.)

First question should be will you use 2gb? It’s becoming more and more common to find people who do get some advantage out of it these days but it does depend on what you do. Burning and ripping DVDs is not a RAM heavy task for example.

The next issue is that of speed of the RAM, 4x512 is slower than 2x1028 for the most part, older chipsets and 939 CPUs tended to drop the speed down to 333 and 2T, while it’s not that much of a real life performance hit if you’re not seeing any greater benifit from the extra RAM then it’s not a good plan.

Dual channel kits = 2 sticks of the same RAM, that’s about it. You can just buy 2 more sticks like that, or you can get 2x1028, plug them into the spare slots and run it that way with dual channel as well on some current generation boards, although it could be limited to P4 systems.

In short you can just buy another 2 sticks and plug them into the other slots, but it might not be a great idea to do so. Try searching overclocking forums for info about how your motherboard handles 4 sticks.

Nice setup man! I see why you want to expand the fronteers!

thanks for the help… just ordered 2 more sticks of what i already got… should get them tomorrow or the next day… so we’ll see… thanks again

ok, well, i got the same ram i did before, but on bootup my bios stills says Dual channel Mode… so i think it DOES support it… why else would it say that?!

anyway, my timings are 2.5-3-3-8 2T, is that decent? used to be 1T, but froze on bootup once i put these others in… so i had to set it back to AUTO in bios… so now its back to 2T… thanks again