Adding more DVD Burners to one PC

I currently have a DVD-ROM and A DVD Burner on seperate channels. I want to add another 2 burners to my PC. What extra hardware do I need (if any)? I’m about to upgrage my machine anyway, so if there are motherboards available with extra IDE slots, I would prefer to do it that way than buy a raid card too.

What do you recommend?

There are boards with more ide channels, but an additional controller card (pci) is the cheaper way !
Some dvd Burners seem to have probs when connected to an addon-card. But you may connect your hds with the card and your dvd writers with the board…

" I’m about to upgrage my machine anyway "
Just a suggestion all these extras use power, so take a good look at your power supply.

Could someone please give me a link so I can see the specifications and price range of these boards?

Many PCI controller cards will have problems with optical devices, but almost any of them will work fine with HD’s. Just FROOGLE for ATA Controller Card. Make sure that you get an ata133.

The best (and cheap solution) is to buy a not-raid controller and connect your harddrives to the controller, leaving IDE channels only for optical devices.

In this way you don’t need of a new mainboard. I use this configuration right now, and it work without problems.

And how much should I be spending on one of these cards. I did a search at ebuyer and found results for ‘ata controller’ costing from £40 - £220. What are the major differences?

Oh there can be many differences. There can be differences in performance and features. The cheapest cards often have such a single channel (for 2 drives), the somewhat more expensive ones can connect more drives. There also are cards with additional features such as RAID and JBOD. Cheap cards can have such features, but they often implement the real functionality in software (cheap but slow). The more expensive ones have dedicated hardware to do all kinds of RAID operations. This is way more expensive, but these cards are a lot better too (way faster, lower CPU usage, less OS dependent etc).

For your application, the cheap cards without RAID/JBOD functionality should be fine.

I’ve bought a cheap raid IDE controller from ebuyer. It used the SIL chips so I got the non-raid bios & drivers from the website & converted to non-raid successfully.

It’s probably best to use this for your HDs & connect all the opticals to the motherboard IDE channels as not all opticals are correctly assigned Ultra DMA modes by these cards, but you can try this first.
I’d try ebuyer quickfind code 60610. This is the one I bought & it works fine.

I have two burners so far, but they are both different speeds. One is a 4x writer and the other is 16x. If I copy a DVD with both drives at the same time will the 16x burn quicker or will they both burn at the same speed with 8x media?

Another suggestion can be that you put your 4x burner on an external box and use IDE channel for a new burner.

But the cheapest solution is to use a not-raid PCI controller to put your harddrive on the controller, leaving all optical devices on IDE channels.

That didn’t really answer my question though. Will the 16x burner burn a disc quicker or will it drop down to 4x so that both drives burn at the same speed?

For what I know, both should burn @4x, but I’m not sure, sorry :frowning:

Depends how you do it. If it’s with Nero or Roxio burning to 2 burners I would guess it will drop to the slowest’s rate. However, I don’t think this is recommended as really the burners when used this way should be equally rated.

If you’re using two instances of the burning app , each controlling 1 burner then they will be totally independent of each other.

I’ve successfully burned 2 different DVDs simultaneously on my LG & Benq burners at 8x.That’s with each burner & HD being on a separate IDE channel. I’m not prepared to step that up to 16x though.

I got E-Machine and curently i have 2 ROM connected and i would like to add another 1. What would be the best AND CHEAPES thing to do??? (may be no the best but cheapest) ANY IDEAS

when burning the same source to 2 different drives in one instance of Nero you are limited to the max of the slower drive…

Another option is get an IDE to USB conversion cable (They usually come with power supply). Then just plug your burner in as an external drive. I used this method for my laptop and it works pretty well.