Adding Mini PCI Wireless Card AND Antenna

I have been searching for some guidance on installing wireless antenna’s in a Gateway Solo 5300. The reason I’m posting here is that I found a post from 2005 from a DocWatson who seemed to know a lot about the 5300’s. He/she describes how to install an internal antenna for a Mini PCI wireless card. I was hoping to get with him/her for a little more detail. I just finished installing a MPCI wireless card in an Inspiron 4150 and it went so smoothly, it has emboldened me to try to install one in the 5300. DocWatson’s description is as follows:

“The antenna consists of two wires about 1.5 feet long each, with tiny gold coax connectors on one end each. Once the NIC is installed you need to open the laptop case again. Connect the antennas to the coax connectors on the NIC, then wrap them around the perimeter of the inside of the case. I used RTV to secure mine, but super glue would do as well. This NIC is now providing dual space diversity on the receive antenna, which is the same way most WAPs and wireless routers transmit. My signal strength is through the roof compared to my old Cisco card.”