Adding memory to pc

I would like to add more memory to my hp pavilion desktop pc.when I take off the access panel,I can see where it goesbut I can’t see how to get my hand in there to install the any of you folks have any idea on how this is to be accomplished ?thanks for your help.

model # m8067c

hey uncle al :slight_smile:

It should only require one hand, spread the plastic clips on both ends of the slot, then insert the new stick. Wiggle it to make sure it fell in the slot and then press down on one end and then the other, the clips should fully lock in (automatically) if not then press a little more and pull the clip in by hand. If the new memory stick has a heat spreader on it you should not put pressure with your hand on the heat spreader, that can dislodge the heatspreader from the chips. Instead use a brand new pencil thats never been sharpened and use that to press the memory stick in place at the ends of the memory stick where it should be circuit board and not heat spreader.

thanks for your reply,however I have installed memory in a lot of pc’s that I have owned but I can not see how to get my hand where it needs to go.there is so much stuff in the way that it is preventing me from getting my hand in side.the way that the mother board is installed puts the memory modules behind all the drives and although I can see it I can’t get to it.I thought perhaps some one might know of a way that this could be accomplished with out taking the entire pc apart.

uncle al
A lot of the HP have a air duct thing for the CPU that comes off pretty easy ,to give you a little extra room to get to the ram.

But they are tight.

You might have to unplug all the drives and their should be a way to remove the drive cage (with the drives still in it). It might be just one screw and then the drive cage slides out of some tabs.