Adding mediacode to mcse

how do i exactly add media code to mcse to my firmware? i mean, i got some tdk 8x dual layers, media code is like ritek s04. so the34n theres a place i looked it up, it calls it ritek…s04. so how do i add it? they have entries for dual layers as cmc mag d01 and stuff like that. so how do i add this? should i add all the supported speeds, or just what i want my burner to support? i have a dw1620. just got it, brand new, i think. seems pretty no use scratches, or any real use that you can see. i want to upgrade the firmware to support these discs that i have.

Makes no big sense, if it even would work.
You would get coasters from that.

Buy a newish burner and try with it.

i got the media code,
and you don’t know nothing.
quit talking. thanks for nothing.
anyway, i think my question was answered, but some of them weren’t anyone else?