Adding LabelFlash to NEC 7550

Hi, I’m new here so please excuse me if this has been answered already – I just haven’t fount it anywhere.

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook laptop which came with a NEC 7550 drive. I used the Nero info tool and it’s telling me LabelFlash isn’t supported.

I searched around and it seems that I could crossflash it to be NEC 7551, which would add LabelFlash, am I right here?

If so, there seems to be two tools for this, NEC Drive converter and Binflash. I’m confused about how to use both… and yes, I’ve seen the tutorial on liggy’s website, I’m just not certain WHAT I should flash, since
" The NEC ND7551 burner adds support for LabelFlash but both drives - together with the ND6750 and ND6751 - share the same hardware and only differ in firmware. However you should not try to simply flash a NEC 7551 firmware on a NEC 7550 drive or vice versa. This will NOT work. Click here for detailed specifications of the NEC ND7550A."

I don’t understand, could someone please explain how can I add LabelFlash to my drive, if possible?

Thanks a lot and excuse my ignorance :o

Welcome to the forum.
Sorry, but we can’t help with a crossflash.
Please view this thread for more details.