Adding images, logos text etc

What program can i get to put an images in the corner of my mpegs, text or a logo etc.? for free? any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance !!

Try this uMark Lite

Their blurb…
uMark Lite is a FREE batch image watermarking tool

With uMark Lite you can -

> Add text or your company logo as watermark to any image
> Customize the font, color, shadow, transparency of the watermark
> Position the mark on 9 different places on the image
> See the preview of the watermark
> Process up to 50 images at a time

  • uMark can process images of type BMP, JPG and GIF
  • Watermark will be added to the image without any loss in quality
  • uMark is amazingly fast. You can watermark Hundreds of images in minutes

I think I misread your question…putting stuff in the corner of mpegs, right
:doh: …Mooooving pictures…brb

I think you´ll find all the help you need here, and hours of fun… :iagree:

thanks for that.

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