Adding further files to a dvd-r

Hi,This may well be a daft question to ask but here goes.I have bought a cake of 25 dvd-r disks and they do not appear to be any good for movie backups,they lock up near the end of the movie.I decided to use them for data but once I have added files no matter if they are smal,I cannot add further files.I know it is not a rewritable disk but I seem to recall being able to use a cd r in this manner.Any suggestions?regards pcfanatic2 :bow:

you mean multi session for CD-R?

  1. not all burning softwares as yet support multi-session dvd [ discjuggler doesn’t, though they claim to, when i contacted support at padus i was told that dj doesn’t currently have mulit-session dvd support ]. nor does deepburner ASAIK.

  2. use nero. see ME FOR DETAILS