Adding files to image

Hi. I want to add a file to an image before burn it. I took image of a game with CloneCD, added the file with WinISO and saved. But when I try the burn it CloneCD gives “IMAGE.sub does not match tý IMAGE.img” error. What should I do for this?

If you mess around with the CCD image, CCD’s “power” (bypassing the CDprot) is gone anyway I think. What you could do is open the CCD image, add the new files then save as ISO. Then burn the ISO like you should normally do.
What kind of image is this? Audio, Game, …?

Thanks Wookie. It’s a game (Ghost Recon).

With ISO do you mean the ISO WinISO can save? WinISO can save the image as “Standart ISO9660 Format(*.ISO)” , do you mean this?

I think wookie did mean this and I agree, but just make sure that the cd is not copy protected cos it won’t work without a patch otherwise!!

The cd has SafeDisk 2 protection. I followed instructions posted on this site and the recommended settings by ClonyXL to make the image.