Adding files to a backed up Game

I recently backed up one of my games (Quake 4 Special Edition) with alcohol 120% Right now its in a .mdf/.mds What I would like to do is add files to this image (cheats.txt or maybe a walkthrough) and then burn my backup copy. When I tried adding files to the image in MagicISO and saving it, I have problems. I mounted the new .mdf with alcohol before burning it and I get an error. My additional files do not show up and neither do all of the folders show up as FILES in explorer.

In summary: Is there any way to add files to a backed up game in .MDF (Or how do I convert it to ISO, etc)?

I’m not sure if its copy protected (the game)> IF SO I THINK ADDDIng files acould misplace the protection. I haven’t tried to add anything to a copy protected disc. Also if it comes to converting. I THInk it should be no trobble. You can mount the image and extract it using ISOBuster :slight_smile:

i don’t know if it’s CDs or DVD, but if it are CDs, you only have to copy the play-disc as a 1:1 copy.
you can copy the other discs on your harddisc with the windows file-explorer, add whatever files you want, and burn them back with nero or any other burn program you like :wink:

I’ll try extracting all the files with MagicISO and then turning it into an ISO again (or should I keep it as MDF). BTW, this game is protected with SafeDisc 4.6

you won’t be able to copy the protection this way. .iso does not contain any information which is needed to successfully copy a game.
this way, you surely have a backup of the data, but it will be worthless because you cannot play from it.

Since this game is 1 DVD, I won’t be able to put files on other discs. Is it possible for me to rip this game with alcohol 120% or CloneDVD and then add my own folder/files into the backedup image? Unlike CD games where I could add my extra files on any disc other than the play disc, my extra files must go on the 1 DVD. Any way to do this?

After some research and trial and error it looks like there is no way to make a backup of this game without including a crack with it (enough talk of that, CDfreaks rules). I had to extract all the files from the mdf and then convert to iso. I was then able to put my files on it.