Adding files & patches to a back up of COD (call of duty)

I finally backed-up my copy of COD (CALL OF DUTY v1.0) with Blindwrite version using my Polaroid max burn 48x (I think this is a rebadged lite-on? & a 2 sheep burner).

My problem is that I’d like to add MODS & the game patch update to one of the discs?

If I remember correctly saving the cd files to the HD (Hard Drive) & burning it to cd will not work as the error’s/copy protection will not copy over? Am I right?

So how can I get the MODS & file updates to my back up and still have the disc work? I’d like to try and avoid putting NOCD patches to the disc, but if this is the only way let me know please.



Whilst you could probably modify the image files prior to burning with a program such as WinIso or UltraIso, it is highly unlikely that the burnt cd will work.

Why not just burn the MOD and update patch files to a cdrw or to a multi-session disc and just keep it in the same case as your unmodified back-up copies of the original cds. You’ll only need the MOD/update patches when installing anyway.

Yah but when you’re a true gamer … each disc adds up … you have the origanal disc or disc’s for each game, the back-up of them & then add patches and mod discs … you see what I’m getting at … it’d be a diffrent story if I were pirating them, I wouldn’t have to worry about the origanals …

Looking for keeping the disc count low, i’ll give the apps you suggested a shot & see what happens? Thanks for the app choices!!!

why not burning your backup-images + patches + mods + faq + … on a dvd and mount the images in daemontools to install&play?

I saw something about burning games to a DVD … It’s a good idea but I will have to wait until I get DVD-RAM drive.

CD2 is not protected. You can add stuff on it.