Adding ENG audio track to MKV

I need help, I got a anime series that has excellent quality video (MKV), but the audio track is Japenese, but i found another rip with english audio but the vid quality is terrible and its AVI, now normally id just extract the english audio off the AVI and add it to the MKV container with MKVmerge but the problem is the MKV file has the opening titles credits and closing credits with a “next week preview”. So the english audio only covers the episode.

I thought i would just extract both audios off and add the opening song and closing song to the english track, sort of piece it together but i cant figure out how to extract the audio off the MKV into any audio file format, it allways ends up being an MKV without a video track…

Ive searched around and found nothing usefull, just wondering what is the best way to do this?, but i cant seem to find a solution…
I usually prefer japanese, but its gundam wing so i remember watching it in english on toonami…

Have you tried MKVExtractGUI?

You’ll also need MKVtoolnix in the same folder:

Ok that worked at getting the audio track from the MKV extracted into a usable OGG file format, but its shorter then then original file, i assume this is to be expected when extracting? is there anything special needed to be done to fix this? or a reason this happens?

It worked, I used MKVextract to extract the OGG file, and I used AuA extract to get the MP3 of the english file. Then i did a little editing in Audacity, i added the opening title track and ending track to the english file and used MKVmerge to mux it all back together, worked rather well, for this being the first time ive ever edited any kind of video file at all, im quite impressed with it :D, only problem is the audio is just a little out of sync, it starts out ok but by the end its off, it may just need some readjusting.

Anybody no a good way to sync audio onto video?