Adding deleted scenes to movies

Hi i hope i am in the right forum - I am new to this… I am trying to add the deleted scenes from my star wars dvd in the movie but i have no idea what to do. i tried messing around with that DVD2AVI but I have no clue on what to do…

is there a one program that will hopefully do what i want?? thank you…

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Probably the best choice is to use a dvd authoring software like dvd lab pro, but I’m not sure that it can do this work.

You can download the trial version and do some tests.

Hi geno888 - I was playing around with it and i dont think this program will do what i want…

I know that DVD Shrink allows you to pick and choose which scenes you would like to add in the reauthor mode (as does clone DVD). With DVD Shrink you end up getting stuck without a menu though.

If I understand correctly the question, you want to insert some scenes between already existing scenes in the original movie. For what I know only a dvd authoring software can do this. Maybe some Adobe softwares can do this.

Sorry if I misunderstood :flower:

Hey Geno - as usual i word things like a 3 year old, lol - What i am trying to do for example, my star wars phantom menance dvd, the deleted extended pod race sequence - i want to remove the pod race sequence that is in the movie and add the extended version of the pod race from disc 2 into the movie…

I want to add in all the deleted/extended scenes to the movie from disc 2… but i cant get a program that will do this…

i have
dvd shrink
dvd decrypter

i have all these but i dont know if they are the right programs…

Probably Adobe softwares (really costly :eek: ) can do the work, but I don’t know for sure, sorry :frowning:

look at this post i found - does it make anysense??

That thread is for converting DVD to VCD and doesn’t really apply in your case.
The only way I can think of to do what you are wanting, would be to use a MPEG2 video editting app like Womble, Video Redo, etc that will not re-encode the A/V. You would first have to demux the main movie into one complete file, then do the same for the extras you want to add in. Then place the files into the editting app and remove the unwanted scenes and add the new ones, and compile a whole new movie. Once finished you would either have to author a new DVD, or you could possibly use some app (like DVD Rebuilder) to use the original menus with the new video (I’ve always authored a new DVD, so not sure the best way to use the original menus…)

thank you Daemonicus -I will try that right now.

Daemonicus’s suggestion is spot on :slight_smile: I’d use Wombles MPEG2VCR, its the best mpeg2 video editor I’ve found.