Adding copy protection to your own CDs?

I know this may sound stupid but it it possible to add copy protection to your own CDs? like say u burn some files onto a cd for your friend but u want to make sure he cant copy it all to his hard drive or burn it for somebody else to use. This is assuming he doesn’t have a state of the art burner that can copy safedisk 2 etc.

I would be interested if anybody knows anything about this and what burners could do it. thanks… also I have a lite-on 24102b.

No protection is 100% safe but you can try paying a visit to TzCopyProtect.

thanks but his links arn’t working

You can download the latest version of TZ Copy Protection,

Beta 11.1.4 from


the TZ homepage

– If you have any problems running TZ, there is a forum at the TZ homepage as well.


You could use CD Protector 3, from CD Media World’s site ( which is less effective nowadays.

The encrypted exe’s it creates only work on Windows 9x though, but I can give you an updated exe loader for CDP3, which runs under NT / 2000 / XP.

Use CAP1.1 (Cloned Audio Protector)

With this, you first have to convert the audio cd into a clonecd image file and then run this to add protection. So when you burn it, the cd will be protected.:slight_smile:
One bad effect, the two protections it offers make it unreadable on PC’s.

Alternatively, you can use the TZ***** he said above. That works too.

Use if you can’t find results.

thanks for the links guys but they dont really do what I want them to do… well sure they make it near impossible to clone the cd but if I just have some exes on the cd they can just copy them to the desktop.
I have tried inflating them and adding gaps in the middle of the files but that renders them unusable. Is there any way to make it only possible to read the files off the cd and not be able to copy them to the hard-drive? or would I have to edit the exes to make them check the cd in the drive liek safedisk?

thanks for any help

There are various CD Protection utilities on Utilities page of

I haven’t tried them but, there are a bunch of utilities.

In which case, use CD Protector 3. That protects the exes so that they can only be run from the CD.

Let me get this straight.
You are copying files( probably copies themselves)
for a friend but don’t want them to be copied further.
Sounds a bit strange, if you don’t wanna share too much it’s better to share nothing

actually I was downloading some stuff for a sorta friend and giving it to him for the price of the cd… he then went and sold it to stupid other people for $10… he did that a few times thats why.

actualy i just plan on not giving him anything anymore… but I wa s just wondering if it was possible… too much trouble to be worth it

in that case it’s still the same.
If you don’t want him selling your dl files, just don’t gie them
anymore, or come to an agreement with him

lol just steal his costumers…

the idea intruiges me… this means more money from selling cds… but than again… its all warez nwayz… so no need to make money from that right… that sounds pretty lame… :p;)

The TZ Copy Protection site has been moved to:

I made this thread almost 4 years ago, I sure sounded like a dick as well.