Adding Audio Track?

Hello people, I am an almost total noob in the whole DVD rip stuff.

Long story short, my girlfriend is a VERY big fan of the movie Interview with the vampire. She has it on VHS, so I bought her the DVD. She got really disapointed by the new french voices(they recorded some new voices for the DVD, I suppose), so I thought Ok, I’ll get the audio from the VHS and put it on. So I managed to record the audio with my capture card. Now I have it on .wav format, same length as the main title of the DVD

I synchronized the audio with the video I ripped from the DVD inside Sony Vegas, saved as an AVI uncompressed, planning to convert it to DVD after. Got a big surprise: 300gb is the final filesize. So I thought… Maybe just put the audio inside the DVD Rip files that I still got. But I have no idea how to?

Main question for lazy people: how can I get a .wav audio file to an audio track for a DVDrip?

Never seen a DVD with WAV audio–the files are huge. Can’t Vegas save in DVD format? If not, try something more conventional, like saving as H.264 with AAC or MP3 audio, then use something like ConvertXtoDVD to get it all into DVD-Video format and onto a disc.

Try wit Avidemux…Import the video and external .wav and choose choice of output format… AVI or Mpeg DVD, etc…

I don’t want a wav audio, I just want that wav track to be encoded to DVD audio and linked to the VOB files so I can choose it when playing. About all these encoding things, I’m not sure since I wouldn’t want to loose any quality, but I’ll give it a shot.

That’s what Avidemux will/should do , mux/convert your video and .wav audio to create a new DVD vob file with ac3 audio included…

Try this, demux (extract)the video only with PGCDemux, you’ll get an m2v file…Now convert your .wav to ac3 audio file with say, Belight or DaudioK…Next use an authoring tool, try with DVDauthorGui, and import your .m2v video file and the new ac3 audio file to create a compliant DVD file…Hopefully with no out of sync issues…ok,try it what do you have to lose but time, while at the same time getting some video experience,you’ll be hooked on…

Well I finished it. I ripped with CloneDVD, encoded to XviD with AutoGK, then converted to DVD mpeg using the new .wav audio inside if avidemux. Then i made the menus and stuff with DVDStyler, but the quality isn’t perfectly as I want it. I’ll try your way, thanks!

Doesn’t look like you used DVDFab even for the parts of this that you could have. Why are you posting about it here?

When I ripped with DVDfab, something wrong happened, couldn’t tell what, but when I wanted to convert it, it always failed.

sorry for double post, but I didn’t find the edit button… weird. Anyways, I tried your way, using PGCDemux to get a .m2v and an .ac3, but the audio/video are not synced anymore, not even with the original audio track! the video seems to be playing a little bit faster, but is in GREAT quality… what happened?