Adding audio track to commercial DVD

I always use DVDDecrypter to rip, DVDShrink to transcode (if the original is a DVD-9) and CopyToDVD to burn. I always get excellent copies that have no problem playing back on various DVD players.

I’m sure many of you have heard of playing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to The Wizard of Oz, and I even have a full length DivX of the phenomenon. However, since I have the DVD of The Wizard of Oz, I would like to rip it to my hard drive, add an audio track containing Dark Side of the Moon, and burn to a DVD±R so I can play it back on my DVD player or a friend’s DVD player. The catch is, I want to retain all the special features and keep the menu in tact; I do not want a movie-only copy.

I think that maybe one of my outs to accomplish this is the fact that the DVD contains a 2-channel French audio track. I could remove it and replace it with the track that I want. This would seem to me to be an easy way to do what I want, because not a lot of re-authoring would be required. However, I do not know this for a fact. If you would be so kind as to offer a suggestion as to how I could go about doing this, and which software would be required, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hmm… abig job really. After DVDShrinking the whole DVD to DVDR size, I would then go about demuxing all the tracks (Smartripper for this) and capturing the Menus etc with the Camera option in WinDVD, etc. Then replace your French with DSofTM audio (converted to 2ch AC3 with BeSweet or SoftEncode) in Maestro as you re-author the whole dvd back to original form. Not an easy task if you dont know Maestro. might help.

Thanks for the great guide! I have already tried to accomplish my task using the following DVDMaestro guide from Doom9:

Although I am somewhat familiar with Maestro, I was unable to complete my project because I didn’t realize The Wizard of Oz was a Multi-PGC title. I do not think Maestro can handle Multi-PGC titles. If anyone knows of a good guide explaining how to backup a Multi-PGC title (while of course being able to switch out an audio track) with DVDMaestro or another program, please do!