Adding Audio Folders

Good day to all,

I have many audio files under three folders and I want to copy them in a dvd so I can listen to them in my car. I used the nero express and chosed Jukebox Audio CD option and added the three folders to create the dvd. The dvd was burned normally but didn’t work in my car.

So, what shall I do to have them ?

Unfortunately most car stereo cannot play dvd, or for that matter jukebox dvd disc.

If you think your car stereo or deck should be able to play it, find out the model and manufacturer and visit their website. They usually have a feature listing of what formats are accepted.

There should be some kind of error displayed when you pop in the disc as well. This could lead you too what’s causing the issue. Might be a format problem, or a disc read error.

I wouldn’t use dvd’s to burn music too if you plan on listening to it.

If playing DVDs in your car is important to you, burn a DVD and take to a B & M electronics retailer and try all units until you are successfull. Even if the unit specs say it will play a format, there are simply too many variables at play. If you have an “aux” input, you might consider an auxilliary device. Basically, you’re looking at upgrading your current radio.

As an example, Sony has a unit that might meet your interests but I would still test it.