Adding audio cd protection whilst burning?



hi there. i hope someone can help me…

basically i run a club night and we sell mixes of the night on cd to the punters. ive just bought a 7 cd tower burner thing so i can crack them off faster than you can say jimmerny cricket.

now i know of another night that does this with a tower burner. and somehow they have managed to put some form of audio copy protection on there cd’s when they have burnt them so they cannot be copied again.

does anyone have any ideas of how i can do this if possible please? any help much appreciated



Where they protecting the images using a program called CCD-Lock? It may be there where protecting the discs using this, but the tower could still copy them.

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Hey and welcome to CDFs!

Short anwser is: No. Sorry but all audio protections have been cracked and trying to use a free one will only result in a incompatibly. Also I dont see how they added protection without PC. Might be possible with an industrial class tower, but I dont think so. Sorry but a user with just a little computer know-how can crack a protected cd.



A few there, some use a system based on Cactus Datashield, but CDS is no problem for the right drive and software.


I think you’ve to do more effort to add the protection than the average user needs to do to copy the CD when you succeeded. :iagree: