Adding another burner? - pioneer 109, plextor 712a, lg 4163b



hi guys help me chooose between these 3.
I dont do dual layer burning but have a benq 1620.
i want to add any one of the 3 mentioned burners. which one should i add? thanks


Both Pioneer DVR-A10 and HLDS GSA-4165B will be released within weeks. Hm. Is this related to BenQ? :slight_smile:


what does these burners do that is better then the ones I mentioned?
i am getting a total price of 56 us dollars on brand new plextor 712a , a price of 55 dollars on lg 4163b, a price of 75 dollars on pioneer 109 retail version.
all are retail versions.
but what about an external burner like lg 5163b - how is that one?


16x DVD writers getting more and more mature. Pioneer 110 and LG 4165 will have more features. Details are on Pioneer and LG forums. 1st gen. 16x DVD writers were rather awkward offering just a little faster speeds than 8x and 12x DVD writers and writing quality at 16x quite doubtful and supporting very few types of media at up to 16x full speed.

LG GSA-5163D is just an external version of GSA-4163B, nothing more, with USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 and independent power supply. You can probably buy both Plextor 712A and LG 4163B for one GSA-5163D.

New ODDs at retail release time are usually priced lower than expected because of technological progress, volume of production, and competition.