Adding, add, Picture .psd file in DVD as still title. dvd authoring , photoshop, help

Im using dvd shrink and trying to keep the best quality, so i always end up stripping my DVD-9’s down to 4.38 with only the main movie and hardly ever any compression 90% + . When i insert my dvd it quickly jumps right into the film like it suppose too becasue i ripped the titles out. I was wondering just to spice it up if there was any easy to use dvd authoring programs that will allow me to easliy insert my own psd, tiff or jpg image as still image. I’ll stay away from motion and buttons becasue i knwo thats a little mroe advanced. I just want to incorparte my file into my dvd. For example replacing or adding my file (tiff,psd or jpg) right after or before or inplace of the FBI start up screen. If anyone has any simple links to quick tutorial guides i woudl very much apreciate it. By the way i have photoshop 7.0.
thanks in advane

You’d need to demux the original movie (VOB files) in order to extract the MPEG2 files representing the video and audio. You would then use these as your input files to a DVD authoring tool. Authoring tools vary in complexity and cost, but Ulead have a couple that are generally well received.

(I’m assuming here that what you’re wanting to do is produce your own chapter menu, not some sort of slide-show? While the DVD authoring tools will do both, if it’s just the former you want keep in mind that both CloneDVD and InstantCopy 8 will allow you to retain the original chapter menu plus the movie-only. The overhead of the menu shouldn’t make a discernible difference to the movie’s quality, and doing it this way is considerably easier and quicker :wink: )


I do not want to make my own chapeter or menu. Just want to insert my jpg or tiff picture in the very begging of the movie. Like a still picture. nothing complex , like a menu nor buttons, only a tiff or jpg. How would i insert whatever picture i want in the begging of the dvd