Adding A PCI Graphics Card Alongside AGP

Hi, i want to add an old 4mb graphics card along side my agp fx5200 , i want it so i can add a small 14" crt to display web pages and text, now would it cause any problems with my main graphics card? could it damage the motherboard or crash the pc? at the moment my fx5200 is going through my main monitor and is outputting onto a tv so this pci card will be a third display, any info will be glady appreciated, only thing im worried about is the fact the pci card is 4mb and is old but its in working order i tested it on an old machine

its possible you could do it. To support multi displays the drivers have to support it in 98 (i think any 2000/xp driver will support it though in their respective operating system)

It shoudln’t cause any problems as far as i have seen

Originally posted by LordOberon
It shoudln’t cause any problems as far as i have seen

Before I had a card with a dual VGA output I always used an additional PCI card for my second display. The card I had was based on the S3-64Dx chip (if my memory serves me right). Although this worked about fine, there were some issues back then: some icons were only displayed in black (on both screens) and some programs didn’t work anymore after installing the second card. I never found out what the problem was (tried about everything: IRQ sharing, drivers, other hardware etc etc) but I couldn’t solve it.

@Mr Brownstone: it should be safe to see if it works out for you. You can’t really damage your haddrive by doing so. Just one thing: doesn’t your FX5200 have two VGA outputs? Even if the second is a DVI output (quite likely), you can buy a convertor plug to use an anolog screen on it (shouldn’t cost more than $5 or so). By enabling a second screen in your drivers, you don’t need the hassle with an additional PCI card…

Yes there is no problems having a second Video card in your PC , I been running 2 Video Cards in my system for years with out any problems , it works in 98Se and XP . It’s very handy to have 2 or even 3 monitors when I’m doing some work in PSP or Flash . you can have several files and programs open at the same time and see them all. just the other day my PCI Video card died ( Of natural causes :slight_smile: ) wile I was doing some work in PSP. I remembered I still had a old PCI 4 Mb Viper 330 in my drawer so I put it in and worked just fine.

As Dee-ehn said sometimes there can be a few problems running 2 cards,but it’s not very common. The best way I found to do it is to put your PCI card 2 or 3 PCI slots down from your AGP card , sometimes they interfere with each other , one other thing to remember if you put a PCI video card in , by default your mother board will use the PCI card as your main Video card and the AGP card as your second Video card, if you want to play some games it will try and play it on the monitor that is connected to your PCI card, in that case all you will have to do is go into your Bios and change the default settings so AGP is your main card and you shouldn’t have any problems.