Adding a motion menu with audio

Who can help me with this: I have 2 dvds merged in one made in DVDREMAKE, the thing is that once the two dvds are merged the program by default gives me a new menu which controls the two dvds individualy. What I wanted to do was tu substitute this default one my a motion menu with audio in it, The good thing is that I substitutet the still by the motion menu, but the sound included in the menu when created was eliminated.

Who can help me? I would like someone to help me to add a motion menu with a little sound instead of having that still menu.

Searching in this forum I found this question and one explanation but did not understand.


I have now created a motion menu for some merged DVDs thanks, one tiny last thing is, the avi I used to create the motion menu had sound with it, it was a racing car going around a track, and this played in the authoring software that I used to create the menu in the first place, however when I imported it into DRMP, it didn’t play the audio anymore. What do I have to do to make the audio come out with the video too? Thanks,


it didn’t play the audio anymore
As was said DRMP does not expose streams related info (at the moment, but this will change in ver 3) and it is not possible to edit it directly with DRMP. But there is a way to have DRMP handle needed changes for you automaticaly. For this you will need to “add PGC” with new menu rather than replace menu block: 1. merge dvds (lets say start up menu is in PGC X (it is a TITLE menu as well)); 2. write down (or copy/paste somewhere) button commands in start up menu; 3. hide all blocks in VMG (right click on VMG in DVD Tree pane) - this is needed to have DRMP clear current audio/subs tracks information in VMG so that new tracks info will be transfered when we do “add PGC” later (otherwise DRMP will just keep original info and write a warning into log file that added block has different streams); 4. import dummy disk and copy PGC with new start up menu (right-click in DVD Tree pane); 5. switch back to merged project and “add copied PGC” (also in DVD Tree pane) - this way original info about streams used by PGC (as well as CLUT) are preserved. If you have more then one Language Unit it is easiest to delete all but one, otherwise finish all modifications in one and then copy add add modified PGC to other LUs. 6. modify buttons in added PGC just like you do with “standart” menu replacement; 7. copy pre commands from PGC X (original start up PGC) to new PGC; 8. make new PGC - “Title menu” (right click in on it DVD Tree pane and “set menu category”) 9. modify First Play to point to new PGC, i.e. change X in “Jump VMG PGC X” to X+1 (this should be the number of new PGC).

THE TRUTH I could not do it I got lost in the process.