Adding a menu to DVD+R with multiple titles?

So I read the guide on combining titles from different DVDs; that’s great and all, but as it is you have to use the Next Chapter button lots of times to get to the title (episode) you want since there’s no menus. How can menus be added?

you can’t add menus with dvdshrink, but you can use a dvd authoring program to author your own dvd with your own video/audio streams and create menus for them.

That’s what I thought. :frowning: What would you guys say is a simple program for authoring? Don’t care about fancy stuff… text menus would work just fine.

dvd-lab would be my choice.

DVD-Lab Pro is good, NeroVision Express is being improved all the time as well and I like it a good bit and use that most of all. I’ll use DVD-Lab Pro when I’m combining a couple movies onto one disc or something.