Adding a folder to your dvd project


I used Nero Vision 4 to make a DVD that I’d like to pass around to freinds and family. The DVD contains movies as well as picture slide show. I’d like to make a folder on the DVD that contains all the pictures (plus more) that I used in the slide show. This way anyone who wants the pictures can easily access them. So basically I want to make a DVD that has both a folder to hold data and a VIDEO_TS folder so that my DVD will play on a DVD player, kinda like a store bought DVD that has both the movie and extras stored in a different folder on the DVD. Is it possible?


You should be able to add any data files to any folder, even at the root DVD directory, except VIDEO_TS folder. Your DVD player, by default, will play the movie in VIDEO_TS folder. If you want to access the pictures in a different folder, go to your player’s setting and switch to File mode. Then you can view the pictures at ease.

Thank you, but how do I do it? When using Nero Vision 4 I go to the point in the project where I can select how to burn the project (either to the Hard Drive or to my DVD writer, burning speed etc). I don’t see any options for adding any other folders. Should I just write the dvd to my hard drive and then use Nero to burn the VIDEO-TS folder an the picture folder to the DVD?

I assume you should have decrypted the DVD to the hard drive already. Yes, use Nero Burning Rom to burn both VIDEO_TS and picture folders. For me, I will use only Imgburn to burn this.

Are you saying that a standalone DVD player should be able to show my pictures also? I went into my Sony’s settings, but didn’t see anything that looked like I could switch modes. How do you do it on your DVD player?

No, that’s not what was said. DVD players each have their own requirements for the directory structure on JPG discs, and will only enter that mode when that structure exists. I do not think you can have both on a DVD, but you can easily try as soon as you know what the directory structure requirements of your player are.

Some want no directories at all, only JPG files on the disc. Others will navigate a directory, some several levels deep. But my hunch is that as soon as your player sees a VIDEO_TS folder, it’s going to play the movie.